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Join Our Affiliate Program

Your Chance to Earn with Us!

Would you like to become an Affiliate for JCH Creations?

We are extremely excited to have you join our program to earn & grow with us as a team!

Our affiliate program is open to crafters, influencers, small businesses, entrepreneurs who wants to make commission using a special referral link that allows you to share with friends or your followers by guiding them to our shop with a successful purchase but of course, it's all about the positive feedback & experience you have with JCH most of all.

How does it work?


Step 1 – Sign up and Log in


Sign Up to Become a Member/log in at the very top on our homepage at

Apply for the affiliate program widget pop up on our home page after you sign up as member. 

Step 2 – Get your affiliate link and promote

After completing the affiliate registration you will be given your own partner link which you can post in your content, videos, social media wherever your audience is. Each successful click-through is a chance for you to earn. We will pay you commission for every successfully completed purchase that people come through with your link.

Step 3 – Earn!

We will reward you at every success, and it just grows on forever. For every converted sale made through your link, you will receive an instant 4% sales commission, depending on your historical record as we have special tier level for top affiliates who drive more traffic & sales to our website. You can earn tremendously in just a few weeks. We’re planning to expand our online reach and you could be the lucky gateway to our customers.  


Come grow with us.

Ready? Let’s do it then! 

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